2015 SC Flooding Disaster

S.C. is under direct “attack,” if you will, from a raging flood which is spreading across our precious state.

Keep our families, friends, visitors, and officials in your prayers.

Please keep the people of South Carolina in your prayers…. Anyone listening to the news right now, knows there has been a horrific, once-in-a-lifetime flood, due to a number of recent climactic conditions.  We may or may not be able to continue updating our site for some time hereafter….

I know a number of people from all across America have us in their prayers and are giving financially or materially. Even the National Guard has been activated, and both the Governor of SC and U.S. President, Barack Obama, have declared a State of Emergency for our state and citizenry.

At this time, we need physical relief from the storm, raging flood waters, and more.

I want to thank our neighboring states (North Carolina, etc.), the South (Georgia, Florida, Alabama, etc.), and Midwest (Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, etc.).

We really have to be like Sparta in this hour, and we understand that times are hard, the situation will pass, and to honor those who have gone before us.

But bravery, honor, and dignity is a must. Not to bow down to depravity, not to allow our bodies or minds to be abused and/or mutilated, and to ensure the protection of the weak, both young and old.

This, in my belief, is more important than food and water. Not to allow others to abscond our righteous right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

We will keep you posted as soon as we can. There is just sooooo much going on with our friends, family and neighbors. We wish all of our readers the best and let’s come together in this trying time!

Sweet Caroline

Sweet, Sweet Caroline


There’s nothing sweeter than a South Carolina sunrise! The beautiful coast of the Atlantic, the beaches, the sugar cane, the cotton fields, mountaintop majesties, and a good ‘ol Southern breakfast.

But South Carolina isn’t all biscuits and gravy. There’s a real effort here to turn our beautiful state into another political surrogate. But we are not one party or faction. We are the people of So’ Carol and we expect our representatives (if that’s what they call themselves) to fairly look at the questions of nationalistic autonomy, federalism, taxation, infrastructure, education, and intrastate commerce with an eye toward the people of our beloved state.

It should be emphasized that it should always be state before abate. South Carolina needs more than a political leader to stand up for us in Washington, D.C. We need a representative of the people, by the people, for the people—particularly of our wonderful SC before DC!

So why is it today a place of political division and factional ensconcing over the freedoms and culture of American ideals that we hold so ideal?

Is there a solution?

Well, an example of a unified people can be found no further than our Midwestern cousins. Oklahoma, one of the last states admitted into the Union, is certainly not perfect. But despite its flaws, OK is a model for unified politics. From the limestone hills of Green Country in Northeastern Oklahoma, to Route 66 through Tulsa, and on down to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is considered the most conservative state in the nation, with a strong leaning toward Libertarian, and healthy pockets of Liberalism.

Historically, Tulsa was the oil capitol of the world. North Tulsa’s Greenwood district was once richly known as “Black Wall Street.” Ponca City was the home of liberal entertainer Woody Guthrie during and after the Great Depression. The state is also home to numerous Native American tribes. Heck, Oklahoma was even host to a steep climb in Socialism and outright Communism during the 1920s and 1930s.

And yet, here they are today with a fairly unified outlook toward freedom, an emphasis on responsibility, one of the best standard of living, and a bustling economy.

They are even revamping their Downtown with the Blue Dome and Brady Districts, situated right next to the BOk Center, one of the top-ten music venues and stadiums in the country. And all of this in only the last 15 years.

On the jobs side, natural gas and petroleum—like our coal—is leaving the state, but people are still doing relatively well. There are numerous restaurants, hotels, and shopping districts, to name a few. And on the other end, they have a healthy appetite for arts and entertainment, music, and even technology. Yes. Technology. Some of the finest web design and Tulsa SEO firms are doing well internationally, nationally, and domestically, and they’re connecting businesses and consumers around the globe. And did I mention there’s not one mountaintop, sea port, or beach resort to be seen to help drive the Okla. economy?

And yet Tulsa, OKC, and Oklahoma is thriving while Carolina’s dyin’. After Florida, Oklahoma is the most humid state in the USA, and yet South Carolina is the one suffocating? Now, I’ve been to Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and it is a beautiful (and sometimes sparse) state. But of course I’ve lived my whole life in and around Caroline and only one thing comes to my mind and that is: why not here?

Why not us? Why not now? Let us unite in a true Carolinean fashion and throw off the bonds that separate us and all be Americans… united… for South Carolina… and for the United States of America to make the world a better place? To make our own backyard and neighborhoods a better place? To make the world a better place… but it starts here… now… in our very own South Carolina.

South Carolina: 2008 & Beyond